Tuesday, 22 December 2009

IN STOCK: Pretty Green Canvas / Metal Parka

Alright so its just a parka coat with a whopping price tag of £450, but there is a good reason for this. The fact the jacket is made out of a special military formulated fabric, which combine canvas and woven metal interlocked together is one good reason. The style has been signed off by the man himself Liam Gallagher. The style, fit look is every bit to the mod classics. The fabric is light weight yet durable enough to with stand a bullet....( okay may be not a bullet but you know what we mean)

This season since we received the Pretty Green collection it's been a absolute manic rush from buyer. Customers have flocked in from all over Europe to get in first with the styles before we sell out. Each design is limited edition and will not be re-introduced into the collection again, making each garment a one - off purchase.

Get your scooters revving this spring and get the coat to complete the look.

click here to buy today: http://www.stuartslondon.com/viewproducts/PRETTY%20GREEN/