Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Grenson Shoes Since 1866

Grenson England 1866

A Grenson shoe is a shoe made with 140 years of experience. Now available at Stuarts London we have selecyed the very best Grenson can offer in Brouge shoes and boots. Good year welted a 130 year old process that involves over 200 individual operations to make a single pair and takes up to six weeks to complete, Grenson is a serious shoemaker. Grenson leathers are the finest in the world and in most cases they come with a "burnish" finish a five time over process to build up a beautiful antique look. The extra durable soles are cut from the finest, long lasting leather. No cost is spared in to the up keep of the quality and only the best materials are used for shoe making. Grenson shoes are the top choice by the buyers at Stuarts London because this company have their roots in classic English shoe making but also offer other modern lasts, with styling that makes them more contemporary than you would expect from an English factory.

Stuarts London is proud to be a stockist as distribution is very select - we are an authorised online stockist by Grenson Co. since 1866

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