Thursday, 12 November 2009

In Stock: Terrinda Navy Jacket - By Fila Vintage

1973 Fila launched its first collection designed by Pierluigi Rolando. Fila white-line was the beginning of an era that saw Fila redefined sportswear with an injection of colour. The iconic designs and signature caught the eyes of the mass on court and more importantly off the court. Fila weren’t just any normal sports brand. Adopted by the Italian playboys and country club crowds, Fila became the sports brand that everyone aspired to wear.

Settenta Matchday Mark 3

After the previous Fila Matchday jackets in 1982 the mark 3 was launched. Dubbed as the Terrinda jacket by the collectors and lovers of this giant brand, was the first collection aimed at tennis players and fashion forward spectators. The fabric which is where the name comes from Terrinda was cleaner, sharper, and a smoother appeal. The limits had been broken with this collection and The Fila terrinda jacket was a must have piece. However it wasn’t cheap in price because of the quality and the time spent on research and development. Originals today from the 80s depending on the quality can fetch up to £1200 on websites like e-bay.

The jackets characteristics are very simple with slight padded shoulders, white piping contrast representing the court markings. The biker style collars completed the timeless look of this iconic collector’s jacket. To put it simply – the terrinda was way ahead of its time.
Only 500 pieces have been made per colour for worldwide distribution. We are now taking names and numbers down for pre-order many have paid up front to secure their size when stock arrives. Please be sure not miss out on this opportunity to buy the most exclusive and rare jacket of the 80s.