Monday, 2 November 2009

Brand profile: Fjällräven

The story behind Fjällräven began in 1950 when Åke Nordin, a 14-year-old boy from Northern Sweden, was about to go for a trek in the mountains. Åke, who spent more time outdoors than indoors, did not like the backpacks that were available at that time. He decided to take matters into his own hands and built a wooden frame...

The frame improved the distribution of weight across the back. It was not only more comfortable to carry, but he could also carry more weight. This innovation gradually made the outdoors become accessible to a wider range of people. This frame was the start of Åke's company, Fjällräven, back in 1960. 'Fjällräven' is Swedish for Arctic Fox, honouring the small predator which lives in the Swedish mountains in the harshest of climates.

From a small room in the basement in Örnsköldsvik, Fjäll Räven has now expanded to almost all corners of the world. But the fundamental ideas are the same; offering functional equipment for comfortable journeys in the outdoors.

The Fjall Raven philosophy is simple: Find innovative and smart solutions, improve materials, decrease weight and increase freedom of movement in the clothing you wear and the equipment you carry. This is why you will notice that Fjällräven's equipment does not follow fleeting trends, but stand for durability year in and year out.

This high performance backpack philosophy extends into tents, sleeping bags and clothing. Product developers and technicians work together to turn new designs into functional styles, ready for the most severe weather conditions. They also use the Fjällräven CLASSIC event to field test products under harsh conditions in order to get feedback that is input directly into Fjällräven outdoor products.

The UK Casuals have taken to the brand which is no surprise as Fjällräven jackets are made of extremely high quality materials and of high quality construction - this clothing is designed for traveling to the arctic.

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