Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Brand profile: One True Saxon

One True Saxon are on a mission. They have a genuine manifesto. Over to them:

ONETrueSaxon was set-up by ordinary blokes obsessed with decent clothing. A few years down the line, all that has changed is our waist size.

Brimming with sartorial elegance for discerning punters everywhere, we hope that the pride we take in our kit is passed on to you.

Fashion is transient, style is timeless. We don't chase trends or second guess crazes. We just make quality kit! You choose which you are: someone who enjoys fashion or someone who enjoys style.

We have no plans to take over the world but we're not a secret society. We'd like to spread our message and we make no apology for doing so. Let it be clear though that our souls are the last thing we would sell (as we have a garage of dodgy 80s records we need to get rid of first).

Don't forget our motto, taken from 'Modern Manners and Casual Forms', 1889:

"Don't dress like a dude or a swell: nor carry a little poodle (a man's glory is his strength and manliness - not in aping silly girls), nor cock your hat on one side, nor tip it back on your head (let it sit straight and square), nor wear anything conspicuous or that will make you offensive to others."

You can tell ONETrueSaxon was founded in the north. Their approach is fresh and honest, and selected items form their range can be found at StuartsLondon.com

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