Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Incoming: Adidas Originals Gazelle

This Adidas all-round training shoe was introduced in 1968 as an athletic training shoe and has simple styling, flat sole and soft leather upper. That's about as much as we can officially say about this fantastic trainer. Athletic training shoe.

But there is much debate about what the true purpose of this shoe is. The construction is proper old school, the sole cut from the same uniformly patterned material, edged in rubber tape and topped with a classically-simple suede sneaker upper. The name suggests speed, yet this shoe is not built for speed - compare it to the SL72 (a true running shoe) which is very light, very flexible and has great traction with each moulded sole. The opposite of the Gazelle with its heavy suede, flat sole with no aggressive grip and no designed-in flexibilty.

The Gazelle always felt more at home playing indoor sports on hard even surfaces. Back in the 80's, some thought that the Gazelle was actually a deck shoe - its super-flat sole giving maximum contact to the deck, the suede upper smart enough to step off at Europe's smartest marinas.

But none of this matters. Who wore these for sports? These were for Saturdays. I had three pairs during the course of the 80s. I've got three pairs now. And now they're coming back to Stuarts London.

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