Tuesday, 8 September 2009

In store: Clarks Originals

There are some places where even your Gold Borg Elites are not welcome. "No trainers, mate" says the man on the door. There's no escaping it. Sometimes have to wear Shoes.

Clarks Originals have been around since 1950 with the introduction of the original Original - the Desert Boot. A soft, ankle-high boot, it became an icon, a timeless classic almost unchanged since its launch. The idea of Nathan Clark, the great grandson of one of the founding brothers of Clarks, he got the idea from crepe-soled rough suede boots which officers in the Eighth Army were in the habit of getting made in the Bazaar at Cairo.

In 1965 the Wallabee was introduced by Lance Clark. This was followed in 1974 by the Dessert Trek. Clarks Originals don't belong to any particular era. Each generation rediscovers Clarks Originals an makes them their own, from Steve McQueen in The Great Escape through to 90's Cool Britainnia, Mods through to Casuals.

Ask the boys at Stuarts about the Wallabee and they'll tell you about the crazy few months in the late 80's when they couldn't sell enough. The London Casuals scene went nuts for these shoes. Stockists such as Stuarts could not get enough - the distributor in the warehouse had to implement a strict queueing system, trade only. A cigarette smoker, by the time the craze passed he was a cigar smoker.

The Wallabee is now in stock, along with the Desert Boot. For our current range of Clarks Originals, go to StuartsLondon.com

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