Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Brand Profile: Alpha Industries

50 years of Alpha Industries

In 1959, as the jet age took flight tand troops encountered trickier terrain, the technological needs and real-life demands of soldiers changed. The United States Department of Defense recruited Alpha Industries to revamp its military jacket – better designed, better produced, and more reliable. Alpha garments were ranked as warmer, more comfortable, more durable and designed to meet any climatic challenge.

The US DoD awarded contracts to Alpha to manufacture outerwear to protect Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps personnel. Since the mid-1960’s Alpha has continuously manufactured the M-65 Field Jacket, and we’ve produced virtually every MA-1 Flight Jacket used by US Air Force, Army and Navy pilots. All told, Alpha Industries has produced over 40 million pieces of military outerwear to perform under the most severe conditions imaginable.

When Alpha Industries received a military contract and that contract was fulfilled, “surplus” materials were always left over. In order to use these materials and keep the factories operating, they continued to make jackets following strict military specifications.

Years of manufacturing for the military and selling surplus paved the road for a smooth transition into the commercial fashion market. At the street level, Alpha was known as the producer of iconic military jackets worn by soldiers who faced extreme danger and harsh conditions. And soon enough Alpha became a distinct fashion brand worldwide, with recognition in American and in Europe and Asia.

Stuarts London is proud to offer this mega heritage brand as an official stockist. Lets celebrate the 50th Anniversary together in Aplha style.