Sunday, 30 August 2009

Stuarts London at the screening of The Firm 84 - By Nick Love

Ravi Grewal From Stuarts London and the Cast of The Firm at the Fila after party

Fila held a private screening of the cult re-make "The Firm", and Stuarts London was there to check out what all the fuss was about.
Calum Macnab plays "Dom" - here he is wearing the new Fila Gold Cardigan Caligaris
Click the photo above to check this Cardigan out now:-

The Film is defiantly one to watch. The revival of brands like Fila and Sergio Tacchini couldn't have asked for a better film to be launched this September 18th, Nationwide in all Warner Bros cinemas. The story line is taken from a different angle unlike the original which focuses on Bex the top boy of the The Firm. The re-make by Nick Love takes the film to a new level and focuses it from the eyes of a common young man "Dom" who wants to be part of The Firm. Bex takes Dom under his wing and Dom loves the feeling belonging to a something bigger than he ever imagined. The fashion plays a huge part in the film, with all the retro brands from the 80s included. Fila being one of the most prominent brand worn throughout the film for day wear and the likes of Lois cords and Gabicci Knitwear for the night club scenes.
French Blue Terrinda worn by Paul Anderson who plays "Bex" in the film.
This Terrinda jacket will be in store Feb 2010

The story begins to take a twist when Dom finds that by joining The Firm its not all about the clothing and looking good at football games. Dom is way under his depth and wants out, but top boy Bex has other ideas.

Watch the film, it's a must, if youre into the "Casual" scene which started in the 80s,

Get ready for some of the most funny tongue and cheek one liners.

The Firm is funny yet violent roller coaster trip down memory lane ... it to find out if Dom does the right thing??

We rate the fashion 10/10 on this film.