Saturday, 22 August 2009

80s Casual Revival

Well, well ......did anybody catch the news today, we must be way ahead of what's happening. The National news broadcaster reported that there was a massive 80s revival taking place in Britain, not only is the fashion reverting back to 80s inspired designed but labels that were once famous for there new innovative looks back in the 80s have come back stronger than ever. Stuarts London has been predicting this for the last three years when we made a dramatic change to our brands and looked back into our heritage and archives for inspiration. Brands like Fila, now known as Fila Vintage, or Fila white line, have made a major comeback along the Famous Sergio Tacchini and Fred Perry collections. Just look around, its all gone retro mad from fashion to furniture and music.

If the fashion isn't already creating enough of a stir large scale 80s music festivals are taking place with bands from the 80s making a comeback will do just the trick...........films like the "The Firm" are being re-made and set in the 80s with more casual Italian inspired clothing than anyone can imagine. Once again brands like Fila, Gabicci, Ellesse, Farah Slacks, Sergio Tacchini are the center of attention.

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