Saturday, 11 July 2009

The Original 80s Timberland Handsewn now exclusively at StuartsLondon

Timberland have re-issued this monster seller from the archives. The last time I saw these boots it was the Late 80's in a shop in Hounslow High street called wack, I would visit this shop to check out the latest Timberland's, and Schott Jackets that had that removable badge. I couldn't afford them back then and I am for sure not gonna miss out on these this time around. I have seen close re-makes but never the exact like this one.

These boots are complete waterproof gortex treated leather. They don't lose their shape and will last for ages. Hand sewn and comfortable, these timberland boots are a give away at £145, they were about £150-£160 back 20 years ago.