Thursday, 7 May 2009

Terrinda jacket - Settenta Mark 3 Navy now at stuartslondon

The rarest jacket of the entire Fila collection is now available to Pre-order. Stock is limited and production has been controlled. What does this mean? Everyone wanting to get this jacket on first release will have to be early on the pre-order book.

Stock has been confirmed and delivery into our store will take place from Mid-September onwards.

What makes this jacket special? Firstly most people in the 80s didn't get the chance to wear this style, it was the most expensive Italian luxury jacket around. Production back then was limited and the jacket was released in the 80s and never to be replicated again, until now.

On e-bay the original jackets are fetching up to £400- £1200 depending on the condition.

For more information on the terrinda and pre-order please call 0208 749 4056 or simply order online -