Friday, 22 May 2009


The Firm has been remade by the makers of The Business and is due to be launched in September 2009.

Loosely adapted from the cult like Allan Clarke short film made in 1989. Nick Loves film is set earlier in The 80s (hence football casuals) and retells a similar story to the original - but from another character point of view. The film centres on Dom a young wannabe casual drawn into the world of top boy Bex and The Firm. Dom gets accepted into The Firm and soon becomes one of the boys. As Bex and his boys clash with rival fans across the country and violence spirals out of control, Dom realises he wants out- but its not that easy.

From what we have seen fans of Nick Love will not be disappointed humourous heart warming and set to a killer jazz funk soundtrack. The Firm is a classic coming of age story acceptance, right gear, right badge, right look.

All the clothing for the film has been carefully sourced and selected from collectors of high stature. Fila , Gabicci, Sergio Tacchini, Adidas, Ellese, are just some of the labels used to dress the characters, Nick Love being a vintage fan himself was very particular about what sort of clothing was used and most if not all of the clothing were actual originals from the 80s. There is a a lot of talk about this movie and we too at Stuarts London are looking forward to watching the re-release.

If you like this Film then your in for a treat this Autumn because at Stuarts we will be stocking most of the re-makes worn in the film.

As for the Terrinda tracksuits also known as the Mark 3 Matchday, and the name terrinda derives from the fabric used to make the jacket.The Green jacket and Navy Terrinda tracksuit are in stock from September 2009 at Stuarts London store and online. The Green Terrinda has been made in collaberation with the 80s Casual guys and limited to 500 pieces for a worldwide distribution.

Please call tel: 020 8 749 4056 for more information.

Also check out the Official Website of THE FIRM by click the link below and you'll get a sneak preview of what's in store for this Autumn/Winter 2009

Click Here for Sneak Preview :