Friday, 13 March 2009

Harrington Jacket By Baracuta | New Colour release

The latest G9 colour has made a great impact on the younger and more trendier Baracuta G9 slim Fit buyer. received the new Vibrant Blue colour last week and sold out in store and online by Thursday two days after upload.

Today we just got more stock to replenish the store and website, be sure you don't miss out on this ultra cool colour.

The Baracuta Harrington is a must have iconic fashion item for this Spring 2009 season with the likes of the Steve McQueen and Elvis making this jacket famous, its a jacket that will never go out of fashion. In the UK this Harrington has served many cult generations from Skin heads to Mods.

Something you didn't know?

The name Harrington Jacket is known through out the world when relating to this style of jacket. 1964 Ryan O Neil plays a Character in a famous sitcom ( Peyton Place) named Rodney Harrington. The G9 Baracuta jacket he wore through out his acting career since became dubbed the 'Harrington Jacket'. Over the years the name Baracuta had been forgotten by many and only the name Harrington carried itself forward. Loads of replicas have been made to substitute this famous design. Baracuta is the only original, so now you know.