Friday, 6 March 2009

Football fashion

Football and Fashion has taken a turn yet once again towards
brands that have got heritage. We have taken a selection of brands
that you may like to wear to the next match and be the first to
flaunt the styles that will most certainly prompt your fellow
supporters to ask " Where did you get that from Mate?"
The 80s casual scene has been a prominent part of football
fashion, with the likes of Fila and Sergio Tacchini relaunching
the Matchday settenta jacket being the most popular with
all the lads. Sergio Tacchini has been all about the dallas track
top. White with red stripes being the most rare, and the most
sought colourway.
Fjall Raven is a brand that has taken the Casual Scene by storm,
being more widely available on up North, the brand is now
available excursively in London at our store and online.
The quality is second to none and each jacket is waterproof.
The classic style make it easy to wear with any casual outfit,
Stone Island need to get on its toes as the word on the street
is this brands gives the same quality, more exclusivity at a
price that's a pure giveaway. It been around since the Ape became
man and felt cold.