Monday, 16 March 2009

Farah Slacks Delivery - Just In

With the overly exposed Lyle and Scott, Farah Slacks have had a great season this winter gone. Now the spring 2009 delivery has just landed in store and the colours are vibrant and sexy. Just today whilst writing this blog, the gadget show was on television, and the presenter who usually wore the Lyle and Scott has moved on up the vintage ladder and today posed ina a Farah tweed polo top. It looked every bit the business too.

Spring 2009 colour pallet has revolved around the new black for this spring and that's Purple. Over the last two years purple has been making a come back in very small ways, but this spring summer if your not wearing a purple your simply not with the fashion scene. Other colours such as yellow, red, green, and strong pink are in the colour pallet to make this Farah collection every bit strong and fun to wear.

The fittings are beautifully tailored to give a sleek look, so get training for the summer. Shorts as before are tailored smart and that's the look this summer too, smart polo tops (retro style) , tailored shorts, and a pair of penny loafers. (no socks please)

Stuarts London is an official stockist of this great British heritage brand, and is proud to present the latest collection, as usual stock is limited so get cracking and add th

ese tops to your basket.