Monday, 16 March 2009

Farah Slacks Delivery - Just In

With the overly exposed Lyle and Scott, Farah Slacks have had a great season this winter gone. Now the spring 2009 delivery has just landed in store and the colours are vibrant and sexy. Just today whilst writing this blog, the gadget show was on television, and the presenter who usually wore the Lyle and Scott has moved on up the vintage ladder and today posed ina a Farah tweed polo top. It looked every bit the business too.

Spring 2009 colour pallet has revolved around the new black for this spring and that's Purple. Over the last two years purple has been making a come back in very small ways, but this spring summer if your not wearing a purple your simply not with the fashion scene. Other colours such as yellow, red, green, and strong pink are in the colour pallet to make this Farah collection every bit strong and fun to wear.

The fittings are beautifully tailored to give a sleek look, so get training for the summer. Shorts as before are tailored smart and that's the look this summer too, smart polo tops (retro style) , tailored shorts, and a pair of penny loafers. (no socks please)

Stuarts London is an official stockist of this great British heritage brand, and is proud to present the latest collection, as usual stock is limited so get cracking and add th

ese tops to your basket.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Harrington Jacket By Baracuta | New Colour release

The latest G9 colour has made a great impact on the younger and more trendier Baracuta G9 slim Fit buyer. received the new Vibrant Blue colour last week and sold out in store and online by Thursday two days after upload.

Today we just got more stock to replenish the store and website, be sure you don't miss out on this ultra cool colour.

The Baracuta Harrington is a must have iconic fashion item for this Spring 2009 season with the likes of the Steve McQueen and Elvis making this jacket famous, its a jacket that will never go out of fashion. In the UK this Harrington has served many cult generations from Skin heads to Mods.

Something you didn't know?

The name Harrington Jacket is known through out the world when relating to this style of jacket. 1964 Ryan O Neil plays a Character in a famous sitcom ( Peyton Place) named Rodney Harrington. The G9 Baracuta jacket he wore through out his acting career since became dubbed the 'Harrington Jacket'. Over the years the name Baracuta had been forgotten by many and only the name Harrington carried itself forward. Loads of replicas have been made to substitute this famous design. Baracuta is the only original, so now you know.

Diadora Borg Original - White and Blue

Alright so the White and red were really expensive, but they were also limited in production worldwide to only 1976 pairs. Diadora have launched the little brother at a more affordable 69.95RRP at so don't get mugged on E-bay buy over exaggerated prices.

The Borg Original is available to buy in two colours, all white or white with navy contrast. Light weight and full nappa leather, they are the coolest of retro trainers and the Italians should be really proud of this sleek re-release. The product is so in touch with today's trainers it's unreal that this design is more than 30 years old.

The Balance of Fashion - 850 style

New Balance 850's are in stock and the colours don't get any more retro than these. The classic running shoes have been a favourite of many celebs and trendsetters for a while now. These 850's are cushioned and have a weight of just 311 g. Ideal for strolling in the park for a morning walk or making a quick get a way in style, from the other half.

Other new arrivals have been a great hit, and New Balance creates that point of difference for retro fashion lovers.

click on the link below to go directly to the new balance collection now:

The Business - Frankie Track

The Frankie track top is a re-issue from the 80s and was prevously seen in the Hit Cult film The Business. The film helped iginite the 80s casual flame back to mainstream.

More top the point the track suits are available in off white and navy with matching bottoms in both colours. The soft velour upper makes them a great going out track. The quantity as normal is limited and stock won't last as we already are 30% through the first arrival, and that only with in the first week of upload. The track bottoms are oversized and quite baggy so if you require a more sleeker look then opt for a smaller size.

Lacoste re-release archive polos - from the 80s

Lacoste polo's have been a brand that kept up with the ever change of fashion scene through out it's history. Although the basic polo shirts are an easy item and mostly seen as a timeless fashion basic, the new polo's for this season are the best by far. The new stripe polo's are a nod towards the 80s revival. Electric blue and lemon are colours that spring to mind when it come to 80s fashion.

The mercerised woven cotton is the best fabric that a polo can achieve, soft on the skin, easy care, and still looks great after six months. ....errr well as long as you don't wear it for six months 24 / 7 ...

Check out the latest collection at the lacoste mens range is looking it's best, for any futher information on the new lacoste polo's contact our store on 0208 749 4056.

New Thomas Burberry Collection

Thomas Burberry collection is available to buy at

New collection this season consists of striped light weight t-shirts and long sleeved tops. If your a Thomas Burberry fan then get in early to get this brand as stock is very limited.

The trench coat has proved to be one of the best seller instore dur to the classic mordern look it's a must have for any evening outfit. The high quality finish and the attention to small detail is truely amazing.

This Spring/Summer 2009,

Thomas Burberry - Burberry's diffusion line of younger more contemporary casual wear - has taken its lead from the archives and reinterpreted some classics for this season.

Its neutral colour palette and unstructured feel make it accessible and more importantly, make you want to wear it.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Football fashion

Football and Fashion has taken a turn yet once again towards
brands that have got heritage. We have taken a selection of brands
that you may like to wear to the next match and be the first to
flaunt the styles that will most certainly prompt your fellow
supporters to ask " Where did you get that from Mate?"
The 80s casual scene has been a prominent part of football
fashion, with the likes of Fila and Sergio Tacchini relaunching
the Matchday settenta jacket being the most popular with
all the lads. Sergio Tacchini has been all about the dallas track
top. White with red stripes being the most rare, and the most
sought colourway.
Fjall Raven is a brand that has taken the Casual Scene by storm,
being more widely available on up North, the brand is now
available excursively in London at our store and online.
The quality is second to none and each jacket is waterproof.
The classic style make it easy to wear with any casual outfit,
Stone Island need to get on its toes as the word on the street
is this brands gives the same quality, more exclusivity at a
price that's a pure giveaway. It been around since the Ape became
man and felt cold.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

The Business Tee by Fila Vintage at StuartsLondon

New tee just delivered from Fila , " the Business" great tee, Fila Finally pay a tribute to the film that made it all happen once again. Due to Nick Loves film the revival of the 80s wouldn't have ignited. Avaialble in Navy, Pink and Ocean, its a great give away at £20. ......You can't go wrong.