Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Edwin Jean, Edwin Vintage Salvedge Denim at StuartsLondon

Edwin Jeans Since 1947.

K.K Tsunemi had a passion for fashion, his specailism was denim. The problem was he had to import his denim to sell to his customers. Dirty, worn,
used denim that he would clean by hand.

1961 the first made in Japan denims were available. Stiff, expensive and easily shrunk denim. Tsunemi had a task on his hands to produce a better
denim and took the chance to start his own brand.

The name Edwin was created from the word Denim but rearanged. Even today the Edwin manufacturers pride themselves as craftsmen. Edwin was the Fisrt
brand to introduce the "old wash" in 1970, a benchmark for all the denim brands who tried their best to follow, but couldn't beat the original
creators. 1980 Edwin once again pioneered the "new vintage" and later in the 1990's the Ring spun Denim.

StuartsLondon is a proud retailer of the fine Edwin collection from this season. We are buying into the original vintage salvge denims, just the right
weight of denim at 13.7oz
Japaneese denim is second to none and still Europe can only hope to produce denim of such fine status.

Each Edwin has been hand picked for our customers, and the fits are available in regular and slim, and semi loose.

So what the big picture on having a pair of slavage denim ??

Right with help of my dear friends at wikpedia here's what we found:

This type of denim has a natural clean edge which doesn't unravel. Its commonly presented as a raw state, cut and stitched directly with out any treatment.
The selvage denim will be located at the edges of the seems and made visable when making a cuff at the bottom.....

So the bottom line on selvage jeans are they are cut in a special way, not mass produced and it takes longer to create. Each pair is usually not washed until
six months pass of wearing, its so that the dry denim gets a unique look, and each pair becomes your own, rather than a off the mill used denim mass produecd
with all the look given. Edwin jeans have to be worn in, it's best to give them one rinse wash , so that the startch and any excess dye bleeds and then your
off to make your own identity.

Edwin do sell more basic denims which are to compete on a more commercial level, but we don't believe in selling that product, because that not Edwin,
it might as well be a denim from Matalan if you want commercialism.

Stock arrives this Feb 2009, with a biiger collection introduced for A/W 2009.

Call Tel: 020 8 749 4056 so we can advise on fits and shape before you make a purchase incase you are new to these jeans.