Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Gio Goi Footwear Fashion - Exclusive have teamed up with Gio Goi to launch the Footwear styles online. The Shoes are made from the finest quality and the styles relate back to the retro 80s.

Gio Goi has won the best young fashion brand of the year award for the quality styles and look they have created. Goi Goi has developed a cult following for it's brand since the 1980s when the brand was originally launched.

The footwear collection was introduced this winter to compliment the clothing after much requested demand from the "public de Gio Goi". Key celeb's and well known fashion guru's have been involved in designing and producing the high end footwear collection. is one of very few retailers to have the footwear online.

Styles are simple yet have the signature of Gio Goi. Comfortable and in trend for the current fashion these traniee's are going to be a must have this summer. Get in early be the first to show off you Goi's ......