Thursday, 29 January 2009

Christys Deer Scouter Hats -

Christys - a brand of caps, hats, top hats that are truly in a league of their own. Since 1773, now that is impressive. Over the last year we at Stuarts have made some serious decisions, with regards to what brands we stock. British Heritage is making a comeback, and to be honest we love it. Barbour, Lyle and Scott, Pringle, Farah, Gabicci, have enjoyed the growth of fashion towards British Fashion Heritage. It couldn't have come at a better time in Britain, at this point everyone must be thinking we've made a mad bold statement, we are in a recession aren't we???

Yes, we know we're in low times but we can over-come these terrible times. "Buy British", and let the world know that we are proud of this. Lets make Europe come to us, after all with the Pound devalued the Euro Spenders can look at Britain for new brands. By Exporting out, we can help our economy grow back better and stronger.

Britain is sitting on some of the most quality fashion that graced the earth. Churches, Trickers, Bakers, Jeffery West all hand made shoe manufacturers in Northampton. The quality is second to none, and although they may be expensive to initially buy, they last and last and then some.

Christys is a hat company the dates back to 1773, the quality of fabric is only the best, each hat is handmade, and the prices are fantastic. Caps retail at £25, with Trilby's at £35, and the 80s casual Deer stalker and Sherlock Tweed hat at £40.

The football casual scene has enjoyed the Deer Stalker hat for a while, and we are an exclusive London stockist of the hat. The fine wool tweed is pure quality, the fit and style is proper fashion.

Brand history:

When Miller Christy began making the finest quality hats in London in 1773, no one could have known the quality and tradition of that bygone age would live on more than 200 years later.
It took Miller a seven year apprenticeship to learn the "art and mystery of felt making". Those skills have not changed and have been passed down to the current generation of hat makers.
The large red hat boxes with the "Christys' London" name embossed in gold are a familiar sight wherever quality hats are sold.
Throughout the world when people see a Christy hat, they know there has been no compromise in quality and that the hat on their head bears the tradition started by Miller Christy all those years ago.
Today the tradition carries through not only the felt making but into a wide range of products suiting the demands of the modern world. We think Miller would be rather proud of our Riding and Dressage hats; perhaps be a little surprised at our choice of colours on some of the more fashionable Felts; we know he would greatly appreciate the casual elegance and quality of our Panama's; as far as our Baseball cap and fashion ranges are concerned, we thought it best not to ask...!