Saturday, 6 December 2008

Fjall Raven - Football fashion for the UK

Fjall raven in the Uk has taken the Football lads by storm, with the decline of brands like stone island fjallraven has become the prefered choice of the lads. The range is very exclusive and only available at select retailers accross the uk. is one of the only stockist in the south, and the only stockist in London. Th Dear Scouter Jacket and Osaka coat look to be the best sellers this season with the Marma anarack following closly behind. Check shirts are warm and soft and the qualitty is second to none, any Fjall raven clothing item will last for a very long time to come. Timeless designs means this collection never goes out of fashion.

Brand history:

Fjällräven was founded in 1950 when the founder, Åke Nordin, created a backpack frame that
would later revolutionize the world of outdoors. The significance of this invention was that a
broader public was able to carry heavier loads when hiking, giving more people the opportunity
to experience the outdoors. This product marked the start of Fjällräven. Since then, our
product line has expanded to include not only backpacks but also tents, sleeping bags
and clothing.
Fjällräven has been developing tents since the 1960’s. Thanks to our long experience in
product development, Fjällräven has a wealth of in-house knowledge and a wide range of
successful style.
The product developers and technicians work together to turn new designs into functioning
styles, ready for the most severe weather conditions. They also use our event Fjällräven
CLASSIC to field test our products in harsh conditions in order to get the right feedback that
eventually results in a Fjällräven outdoor product.
Fjällräven is, and has been for the last four decades, the leading outdoor company in
Scandinavia with a strong heritage as the foremost innovative brand among users in the
Swedish mountain world.

The name fjällräven/arctic fox derives from the founder Åke Nordin’s deep admiration for the
small predator which lives in the Swedish mountains in the harshest of climates. The Arctic fox
is a very smart animal, equipped with the best possible fur for survival. We still see a strong
connection between our products and the Arctic Fox.

"The UK Casuals or sometimes known as Football Casuals have begun to take a keen interest
in the Fjall Raven. Shying away from brands like Stone Island and favouring Fjall Raven is no
real suprise. Fjall raven jackets and coats are made of extreme high quality, after all these
are the jackets that the hardcore wear when traveling to the arctic.
The company focuses on extreme outdoor activities, Polar, Trekking, Travel, Forest, and all
styles accross the board are now covering Football Fashion.
Osaka Jacket, Scouter Jacket and loads more
style now available to buy online or instore"

Says Ravi owner of