Wednesday, 15 October 2008



Joystick junkies is a great label that's all about the early
eighties, when play stations and nintendo's were
the thing of the future.

The youth at that time, those that were lucky enough
had comodore 64 or an atari to keep oneself amused.
Games such as Pac-Man and Space Invaders was about
as high tech as it could get.

Joy Stick Junkies are tee's that pay tribute to those
extra special days, about when games were games
and fun was fun, rather than all this high tech crime

Joy Stick Junkies :
Back in 1978 Space Invaders and other classic arcade games
invaded our world and was followed by many of the greatest
video game icons through the 80's.
It's this heritage that gives us a rich depth of graphics, imagery
and colours for our collections. Joystick Junkies is a fun filled
fashion testament to the video games that
rocked our world so escape with us!