Sunday, 5 October 2008

Baracuta Harrington - New Wool Check Release at StuartsLondon

Baracuta -Brand History

John and Issac Miller started Making the original G9 Baracuta at their Chorlton Street factory
in Manchester in 1937. It's the worlds first ever Harrington. Worn by Elvis and most famously
Steve McQueen the iconic King of Cool.

In 1950 Issac Miller starts to export Baracuta into The United States and Canada.
Elvis Presley wears a G9 in the film King Creole. 1963 Steve McQueen wears his Harrington
jacket for the shoot for the cover of the LIFE magazine. ( His own clothes)
1964 Ryan O'Neil plays the Character Rodney Harrington in Peyton Place wearing a Baracuta
G9- The name Harrington becomes synonymous with Baracuta.
This list of famous people associated with this iconic jacket is endless, 1965 John Simons
sells the jacket in the Famous IVY shop in Covent Garden, 1966 Frank Sinatra wear a G9
in a film, 'Assault on a Queen', 1966 the England world cup winning squad wears Baracuta

Mods in 1972, punks in 1981 all saw this fashion as a must have. The time line
of Original the Harrington continues up to today with the likes of the new James Bond to
famous footballers following the trend still today.

Baracuta was the one that started it all- buy the Original and not the replica
available at your