Friday, 24 October 2008

Sergio Tachinni - Kojo and Bolton W. Football Players

The Tachinni brand is going from strength to strength.  The main heritage collection based on the 80s replicas is due for launch this November.  However it seems the celebs have been keen to get their hands on the latest Nero and moda Milano collection, received this month.

The like of Bolton footballers; Gretar Rafn Steinsson, Ricardo Gardner wearing the new Dallas, and Gary Cahill who opted for the new Nero Eddie. Kojo's chosen to go for the Mussi a well know iconic Moda Milano collection track top from Sergio Tachinni.

The Italian sports brand has never faded away and always been at the forefront of Tennis endorsement.  It's  great to see this brand make a comeback to the Fashion side.   

On the grape vine Sergio Tachinni replica's are set to play a big part in a new film being released next year.   


Sergio Tacchini has been an Italian Davis Cup champion from

1959 to 1966, the year he set up a company to produce and

distribute sports apparel and footwear. He started out by

providing clothing for his former team mates and put colour

onto tennis track suits and strips for the first time.

In the seventies the first coloured tennis-wear collection

made its appearance at Wimbledon when an unforgettable

Jimmy Connors won the Wimbledon tournament.

In 1978 John McEnroe signs a 8-Year deal/contract with

this stylish clothing brand: Sergio Tacchini. By the 80's

the sponsership permits the brand to gain a placing on the

international market. Llie Nastase, Vita gerulaitid, Mat

Wilander, Pat Cash, Pete Sampras and Gabriela Sabatini

are just some of the testimonials who have contributed to

taking the Sergio Tacchini brand to the top of the tennis


The sub culture 'Casuals' have been infatuated with this

brand since the 80's hence why some refer to this brand

as an 80's casuals brand. back in the

days was one of the only west London shop to stock

this collection, the Football supporters would pick up

on a particular colour bearing resemblance to their

team. The Italian sport brand is considered as one of the

main retro brands around today. is

proud to be an Official authorised stockist of Sergio


Wednesday, 15 October 2008



Joystick junkies is a great label that's all about the early
eighties, when play stations and nintendo's were
the thing of the future.

The youth at that time, those that were lucky enough
had comodore 64 or an atari to keep oneself amused.
Games such as Pac-Man and Space Invaders was about
as high tech as it could get.

Joy Stick Junkies are tee's that pay tribute to those
extra special days, about when games were games
and fun was fun, rather than all this high tech crime

Joy Stick Junkies :
Back in 1978 Space Invaders and other classic arcade games
invaded our world and was followed by many of the greatest
video game icons through the 80's.
It's this heritage that gives us a rich depth of graphics, imagery
and colours for our collections. Joystick Junkies is a fun filled
fashion testament to the video games that
rocked our world so escape with us!

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Gabicci Retro Vinatge Clothing - History


The memorable Gabicci gold ‘G’ became an iconic style symbol of

the 70’s.This year the brand celebrates it’s 35th Anniversary.


Authentic clothes that withstand the test of time,

Gabicci Vintage prides itself on quality fabrics and recreates

archive styles, creating a retro look for generations old and new.


Est. 1973 in London, England.

Available at since 1973. Stuartslondon has been around so long that it used to be one of the first shops in west London to sell the original Gabicci collection. It's amazing how after this many years fashion has repeated itself.

Keep a look out for the Gold collection due to be released this November 2008. The G logo is made of 24 carrot gold plating, and each item is numbered and has a limited production of 25 pieces per style. Very exclusive and will be available at - call to be put on the Gabicci VIP list on 0208 749 4056 and get first offering of this rare collection.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Baracuta Harrington - New Wool Check Release at StuartsLondon

Baracuta -Brand History

John and Issac Miller started Making the original G9 Baracuta at their Chorlton Street factory
in Manchester in 1937. It's the worlds first ever Harrington. Worn by Elvis and most famously
Steve McQueen the iconic King of Cool.

In 1950 Issac Miller starts to export Baracuta into The United States and Canada.
Elvis Presley wears a G9 in the film King Creole. 1963 Steve McQueen wears his Harrington
jacket for the shoot for the cover of the LIFE magazine. ( His own clothes)
1964 Ryan O'Neil plays the Character Rodney Harrington in Peyton Place wearing a Baracuta
G9- The name Harrington becomes synonymous with Baracuta.
This list of famous people associated with this iconic jacket is endless, 1965 John Simons
sells the jacket in the Famous IVY shop in Covent Garden, 1966 Frank Sinatra wear a G9
in a film, 'Assault on a Queen', 1966 the England world cup winning squad wears Baracuta

Mods in 1972, punks in 1981 all saw this fashion as a must have. The time line
of Original the Harrington continues up to today with the likes of the new James Bond to
famous footballers following the trend still today.

Baracuta was the one that started it all- buy the Original and not the replica
available at your