Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Sergio Tacchini Cantania Track Jacket - Made for i-Pods

This new Moda Milano jacket 'Cantania' is as cool as a Sergio Tacchini can get. Why? I hear you all ask...well I'll tell you.

This baby isn't only just a smart dressy track jacket for going out in style, but with the help of FibreTronic has an incorporated feature above the wrist of the left arm for people who enjoy their i - Pods on the go.

FibreTronic - embedded intelligence states:

The soft keypad controller from Fibretronic is the most intuitive audio controller available for electronic textile applications. The keypad is flexible, yet tough and waterproof, designed for operation in all conditions including rain, snow and heat.

The soft design with 'Click' button feedback makes it perfect for controlling your audio player, without interfering with the look or function of your product.

Made for the i -Pod

Right that's all the tech' stuff out of the way..... what about the jacket?? Well its a new model based on the Mussi track jacket which was launched last year that never stops selling. The outer shell is combined with two forms of fabric, both made from polyester. Distinct yellow gold trim to match the embroidery Sergio Tacchini badge on the chest.

The zips pulls have been improved and made more stronger. All in all great style.

In stock now to buy at

Remember you heard about this jacket here first......R.R.P £75.00