Monday, 9 June 2008

Is 80s casuals scene re-emerging ??

Diadora, Sergio Tacchini, Fila Vinatge, Lacoste, Baracuta, Ben Sherman, Ellese, Cerrutti and load more wer the every popular must brands of the past.

Hooked like drug addicts the consumer would buy the latest track top or sports shoes, only just to be looking for his next limited edition item.

Those were the days , as I here customers say in our retail store in Shepherds Bush, the original 80s Casual destination.

After trading for more than 40 years the Stuartslondon store is back to it's roots. This time stuarts have launched a retro website where you can find everything that was worn in the past. is the place even if it's a trip down memory lane or to re-live your youth.

New stock has just arrived in the new Sergio and Fila gear be sure to check out the new Danny Dyer and Tammer Hussian film on you tube about the hush  Fila project.